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While some companies write their values on the lobby wall, our values come out in every piece of work we do.


    We value Caring. We care about our clients. We care about your success and well-being. It’s important to us that you receive the best quality service available. If we’re not the best fit to meet your needs, we’ll help find someone who is.


    We value Integrity. This means we have high expectations and you can count on us to be honest and keep our word.


    We value Curiosity. Curiosity is the doorway to new learning and understanding. It leads to compassion, creativity, and innovation. Curiosity is, in our opinion, a key ingredient for ongoing success in any area.


    We value Competency. We are a team of seasoned professionals who produce desired results in our respective fields. We work hard to help you be at the cutting edge of your industry.


    We value Collaboration. By working together in a spirit of mutual respect, collaboration becomes the common culture. It is the highest level of efficiency within a group.

  • FUN

    We value Fun! Being professional doesn’t mean we’re dull and boring. We enjoy our work and love a good laugh. Besides, studies have shown that we’re more productive and efficient when we’re happy.


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Fatma Aktary, PMP

Fatma is passionate about Helping organizations implement change.

She is a seasoned professional Project Manager (PMP) with 15 years of diverse project management experience, specializing in complex projects with multiple stakeholders such as Health Care Organizations, Governments and Universities.

Fatma is a natural relationship-builder with the ability to manage difficult conversations while maintaining positive relationships.


• Relationship Building

• Project Management

• Change Management

• Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Mel Clifford MBA, PMP

Mel is a highly experienced professional director of organizational change and project management in a vast array of diverse business models. For over 30 years and across Europe, North America and China, Mel has directed and managed small, medium and large organizations at the Senior Management and Director level.

As a committed educator, Mel has worked with and lectured at several Universities and Institutes in the UK, Ireland and North America in the areas of Human Resources, Change and Project Management.

Mel is also a published author. He’s passionate about getting individuals to really understand that, if they want to make changes in any area of their lives, they must take personal responsibility and know that lasting change is in their own hands.  Most of all he lives by his values.

Trent Janisch CPC

Trent Janisch is a Personal Development Coach, Corporate Trainer, and the author of a Canadian Amazon #1 Bestselling book called 3 Steps to Better Relationships. 

He is the founder of ThePowerYouAre Training & Coaching, Co-Founder of Newayz Education and a member of the CliffordRobbins Consulting Group. 

Trent’s primary focus is as a Soft Skills Specialist helping leaders and teams communicate more effectively and enhance their culture to reduce stress while increasing employee engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.

He is the father of one daughter, loves the outdoors and is passionate about helping people improve their relationships with themselves, with others and with Life. 

Grace Pontes, CPA, CMA

Grace Pontes, a serial entrepreneur, has invested nearly 20 years into the financial sector. Through coaching and consulting, Grace has a passion for helping entrepreneurs create successful businesses that provide a true financial legacy.

With her refined talent for strategic thinking and planning, Grace grasps the big picture, identifies the gaps, and creates processes and systems that result in healthy cultures and profitably managed businesses. 

Grace’s other passion is not-for-profits.  Having worked on various boards in her community, Grace has seen how a lack of strategic thinking and systems result in board fatigue and disillusionment. Grace now works to infuse not-for-profits with strategic systems that help them to become as effective as they could be. 

Christina Benty, MA

Christina Benty, MA, is a retired politician, jazz singer, and owner of Strategic Leadership Solutions - a consulting firm designed to assist teams in building a culture of excellence in leadership and governance. With 12 years experience in local government as former Mayor of the Town of Golden, Christina is passionate about sound governance, leadership development, organizational culture, community engagement, and asset management.  Given her wealth of experience in government, Christina now facilitates conversations that encourage meaningful dialogue and assists governing bodies to transition from strategic vision to practical action.  As an an 'asset management evangelist', Christina is a regular conference presenter intent upon inspiring local governments to take their stewardship responsibilities more seriously while injecting more passion and enthusiasm into this complex topic. You can view her TED Talk on Leadership here:

Jill Hilderman BAC, ABC

Jill is a 20-year communications professional; a talented strategist, relationship-builder, published writer, speaker and trainer. Jill works with organizations across all sectors to improve the ways they communicate and engage with their audiences and stakeholders. Her work is strategic, compelling and designed to enhance understanding and stimulate action. She also collaborates with municipalities and their consultant groups to provide public engagement strategy development and implementation.

An enthusiastic, global-thinker and team player with great sense of humour, Jill holds a Bachelor of Applied Communications degree, the IAP2 (Public Participation Professional) certificate; and is accredited through the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

Annie MacLeod PMP

Annie MacLeod is the founder of Business Improvement Consulting Services Inc. which, for over 15 years, has focused on improving businesses through project management.  Annie has over thirty years experience in Project Management and over twenty years experience in Business Process Improvement and Measurement.    

Project Management - With a PMI (Project Management Institute) certification and expertise in a variety of project management methodologies, Annie has successfully completed many projects in industries as diverse as Telecom, Aviation, Municipal Development and Human Resources. Some of Annie's happy clients include TELUS, Group Telecom, WestJet, The City of Calgary, and The University of Calgary to name a few. 

Business Process Redesign - Annie created the BICS methodology for Business Process Redesign that, for a fixed fee, allows customers to quickly and inexpensively review existing processes and redesign them in a way that removes barriers and better meets customer's needs. Over 100 of these engagements have been completed in the last 15 years alone.    

Metrics - Annie uses her extensive experience in applying measurement to projects to prepare business cases, initiate projects with meaningful results, and instil a means of continuous improvement once projects are completed.

Jonathan White, BSc, MBB

Jonathan has, to date, completed over 130 projects in the areas of performance improvement, research, and analytics. Over 18 years of experience as a Management Consultant has taught him that, given the right tools, techniques, and guidance, any organization can achieve significant levels of improvement. Jon has earned the title of certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and proven, time and again, the benefits of Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement regardless of industry, sector, or structure.

Jon helps organizations enhance internal capability by increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility of their business processes. This is done by viewing organizations as a system, understanding current state process and performance, determining what customers value, and working with key stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement. Once improvement options are evaluated, a plan for implementation is developed and Jon works closely with clients helping them navigate the change while ensuring the improvements are sustained.

Jon founded Improve Consulting Group Inc. so that he can share his experience and passion for business improvement with customers, clients, and colleagues.


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